VISIONLABS India Ltd., popularly known as VISIONLABS, was established in 1986 by eminent Computer Scientist Dr. T. Raja Rao as a joint venture with Andhra Pradesh Electronics Development Corporation, Govt. of A.P., India. The company has been engaged in packaged software development in various Hi-Tech areas, turnkey software solutions, large-scale computerization and Engineering Consultancy.

VISIONLABS has been engaged in the key areas of Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Geographic and Land Information Systems, Image Processing, Remote Sensing, Desktop Publishing, Computer Graphics, Web, Multimedia, Simulation, Vision and Expert Systems and Engineering Consulting Services. It has developed 15 software products in these fields, which have found successful utilization with over 1500 installations worldwide.

Product Category: GIS Software - Software
VISION MapMaker Professional
isa full-fledged Geographic Information System (GIS) used to perform various GIS operations like creating spatial and attribute data, linking and querying the data, and performing analyses on the maps and the corresponding attribute data. VISION MapMaker Professional is an indigenously developed product of VISIONLABS and comprises of several modules. The application provides for basic mapping functionality that is used for the digitization of maps to create spatial data, Attribute data can be created using the underlying database and linked with the spatial data.`
VisionLabs’ Web-GIS-based enterprise-wide software – Vision MapMaker Server is a fully scalable server solution that can be deployed as Web services or interactive Web sites (thin-client solutions), including enterprise data access, sophisticated geospatial analysis and map generation to reduce the overall cost of such solutions. By providing direct, real-time access to enterprise geospatial data with all of the spatial analysis functionality of Vision Map Server, this product builds a Website that gives thin clients a Web browser access to a powerful, dynamic and open geospatial application previously available only in a powerful desktop application.
Product Name: Vision Mobile Map Server
Product Category: Field Computers - Hardware
VisionLabs’ web-GIS based enterprise-wide mobile solution – Vision Mobile Map Server
is the ideal platform that enables organizations to deliver GIS data and services from centralized servers, providing real-time access to information over wireless networks to a range of Windows Mobile® devices.
Product Name: VISION PowerNet
Product Category: Data Management - Software
VISION PowerNet is a GIS tool for Electrical Network and Consumer Management
. The base Engine for VISION PowerNet is the VISION MapMaker Professional GIS API. The GIS API provides all regular GIS features. In addition to comprehensive GIS features, capabilities to manage electrical networks and assets in an intelligent manner are available.